Too Much Hollywood

Last year, Mitt Romney, also known as the Mormon Stallion, punched off against five-time world heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield.

Who should have dressed up as Apollo Creed. Just to keep it real.

In 1989, Back to the Future predicted Biff Tannen would be President in 2016.

Remember Trading Places?

Mortimer and Randolph Duke own a successful commodities brokerage in Philadelphia. Randolph is convinced nurture is more importante than nature. He thinks he can make a street hustler into a successful businessman, while ruining the life of a loyal employee of theirs with false accusations. Mortimer disagrees.

They bet a dollar.


This is what happened. Trump was playing golf with a billionaire friend.

(yeah, on one of his golf courses, which are the best in the world…)

He said: I am sure I can get elected.

His friend was unimpressed.

Yeah, I bet I can get elected President in 2016, like in Back to the Future.

They bet a dollar.

Trump won.

Too much Hollywood for your own good, America.

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