Looks, Sex Lives and Gaffes

We have a problem. I’m talking to you, people who work in the media.

If even the BBC — what happened, Auntie? — deems it worthy of their time and of their readers’ time and attention to write an article comparing Trump to Berlusconi over looks, sex lives and gaffes, I think we have a problem.

We expect better of you. We need you to inform us, not to entertain us.

We have Netflix for that. And Fox News.

Not to mention: those are not gaffes.

Those are premeditated offences artfully created to get free media attention.

And they work.

They work every time newspapers start a race to who comments Der Great Leader‘s latest bullshit remarks first, so they can get indexed by Google and shared on Facebook by bored or well meaning people, be they angry at Trump or interested in looking more liberal than thou or in blending in with their friends’ opinions.

They work every time people in the media are more interested in looking smart and witty, or politically correct, rather than trying to inform and educate their readers.

The next time you people in the media ask if the media — you know, the other guys — are responsible for Donald Trump, it’s time somebody answers: Fucking yes.

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