McDonald’s and Digital Nonsense

I found a post on AdScam in which the great George Parker makes fun of Oh fucking yes, another “Agency of the Future”, this time from Omnicom and for McDonald’s.

Can anybody please explain to me why McDonald’s is so obsessed with digital, data, mobile apps and, of course, deeper connections with their customers through “storytelling”?

Don’t they sell hamburgers — and fries with that?

I thought their success was based on the physical part of the business: they are among the largest private owners of real estate in the world, apparently even ahead of that two thousand year old company based in Rome with a CEO with a funny hat.

They use the advantage they have in location to serve crappy food in places with a lot of people passing by, either road junctions or places that have become food deserts, the poor being left with little to no choice but to eat at one of their “restaurants”.

But now they want me to download their app? Read their blog? “Like” them of Facebook?
Why in the world, for God’s sake? When will this nonsense come to an end?

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