Your bank wants to be social

When you think you’ve seen it all, well, you haven’t. Apparently Banco do Brasil have changed their home banking interface to “make it more social”.

Manoel asks:

Minhas transações vão ser compartilhadas com meus amigos? Meus buddies vão saber quem são meus outros buddies também? Vai rolar troca de mensagem? “Oi fulano, não me pagou ainda porque? Acabei de ver que você recebeu a transferência do João.”

Loosely translated:

My transactions will be shared with my friends? My buddies will know who are my other buddies? You will be able to exchange messages? “Hi what’s-his-name, why haven’t you paid me? I happened to see that you have received the money transfer from John.”

What about pics of my dog? Or of your niece’s wedding? Or of the nice barbecue we had last week?

This is simply demented. Companies like Banco do Brasil apparently do not understand that they’re a service, not your friends. This is not the way you “put a human face” on the service you give customers. That would mean hiring nice people to do customer care, paying them a decent salary and empowering them – for real! – to go out of their way to help customers instead of considering “customer care” only a nuisance to be dealt with by outsourcing it to some sleazy company that counts the seconds an operator spends on a customer and tries to “optimise” this time in order to squeeze more money out of these people. This is a travesty. Read it all here. Em Português.

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