I used to hate Twitter. Then I understood that Facebook is worse. So, follow me on Twitter.


I used to hate Twitter because of the hype, like when Dell was said to be winning big selling via Twitter; and the bullshit, like when they told us about the “Twitter revolution” in Iran and all the tweets – in English! – were coming from the Iranian diaspora in the US.

Not to mention the ever-present über-geeks-with-a-Mac tweeting live at the speed of light at conferences without even having the time to reflect on what was being said.

Come to think of it, Twitter is just a distributed link-sharing platform. Which is far better than the new AOL. Should companies “join the conversation”? It depends. Certainly not if “joining the conversation” means doing more and more talking.

Will Twitter survive? I don’t have a clue. But I’m pretty darn sure that they should stop all the bullshit about the “revolution” and about the “conversations” with customers. Conversations? With a brand of butter? Via an outsourced web PR agency?

Twitter is in the advertising business. There’s nothing wrong with ads. It’s how newspapers pay the bills, and radio stations, and TV channels. Twitter is just user-generated chit-chat. And loud-mouthed guys coming on air and shouting How White My Shirt Can Be.