Chapter 8 – Quod Erat Demonstrandum

Quod Erat Demonstrandum

There were many signs that the hysteria was out of control. The Land O’ Lakes logo which asked consumers to connect with their favourite butter on Facebook is of questionable authenticity, probably a spoof from a Social Media consultant. But the company does have a Facebook Page, where they share recipes with their “fans” and get blasted for feeding GMO corn to their cows.

Two other cases scream of “jumping the shark” moments. The first comes from Brazil, where Banco do Brasil changed their home banking interface to “make it more social”. What was the idea, to share one’s transactions with his friends and make possible messages like: “Hey Mark, why haven’t you paid me? I happened to see that you have received the money transfer from Kate”.

Then there’s the Czech Republic’s Tourism Board, which for reasons I will never understand decided to rebrand their country, which had been known to the world for a mere twenty years under that name, to Czech RepubLIKE. What was wrong with the Czech Republic? Why did they need a rebranding? What did they achieve with this ridiculous dot-com era trick?

With this kind of absurd excitement about anything “social” and companies racing to set up a Facebook Page to pump their marketing messages to their Fans for free, Facebook had to step in. On the one hand, they needed to protect their users from companies’ voracious appetite for free marketing in the form of way too many posts; on the other, they could turn a profit.


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