Notes: Chapter 8

Notes: Chapter 8

1. No, I don’t want to be friends with my butter, a presentation by Nathaniel Perez, Global Head of Social at SapientNitro.

2. Please see: Banco do Brasil Transforma Internet Banking em Orkut.

3. My 2 cents’ worth on banks that want to be “social”.

4. The Czech RepubLIKE. What an improvement So good that they wanted all the world to know about it, in many languages

5. What was wrong with the Czech Republic? Things that pop to mind when I think of the Czech Republic are great beer, beautiful women, thermal baths, the Velvet Revolution and Václav Havel. What’s wrong with any of that?

6. It’s all gone, even their Czech RepubLIKE Facebook Page.

7. The Facebook for Business post about lower “organic” reach is dated 23 April, 2012.

8. Citing research from Ogilvy&Mather, Time says organic reach was only 6%.

9. Valleywag says that Facebook is “in the process of” slashing organic page reach down to 1 or 2 percent.

10. A nice chart explaining Reachpocalypse and Why Facebook is Laughing All the Way to the Bank.

11. Build a large enough mousetrap, and then splatter ads all over it. Now it’s SoundCloud’s turn. Do we ever stop for a second and wonder what this tells us about our culture and our societies? Gossage did. Most of us don’t.

12. Even more shocking to me: why are companies apparently happy to be schooled on how to do an effective campaign on these platforms by twenty-somethings who may know every possible trick about Instagram and Twitter and Pinterest, but who have never spent a penny in their lives trying to sell products?

13. You can measure almost everything that doesn’t matter on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!

14. If you wouldn’t spend money behind it, then why do it? It’s shouting into the wind without making a sound. – Julie Fleischer, Director of Data, Content and Media, Kraft

15. And on Mobile, too. You know, cross-platform, multi-device, that kind of jumbo mumbo. And, much more importantly, big, in-your-face formats, not the small ones nobody notices on Facebook’s website.