Notes: Chapter 7

Notes: Chapter 7

1. Nice job, Business Insider! I added a few extra estimates to their list. Unfortunately, the study by npENGAGE is apparently offline at the time of writing.

2. Not only do the people at Syncapse have trouble understanding the difference between correlation and causation; in the Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds world they live in, BMW’s Facebook Fans are valued $1,613 each.

3. For what it’s worth, I disagree with both their reasoning and with the figures they give.

4. According to Social Media Agency SocialCode, as reported in AdAge.

5. Social Media specialists Virtue, now part of Oracle Social Relationship Management, put the value at $3.60.

6. Charities are known to be among the best in the business at evaluating the return on their investment. Not surprisingly, they are not too impressed even with those who say that Facebook Fans are worth $3.60 apiece.

7. This blog post from Augie Ray at Forrester Research is well worth reading.

8. Anybody who is speaking out against the folly of “Social Media Marketing” owes a lot to the Ad Contrarian, American adman Bob Hoffman. His 101 Contrarian Ideas About Advertising is a must-read.

9. This is a Case Study put together by a Master’s student at Elon University.

10. More info on the Pepsi Refresh campaign can be found on Stephanie Perry’s Blog.

11. Hoffman, Bob, 101 Contrarian Ideas About Advertising, pages 183-5 and 201.

12. Is Bob Hoffman right? Perhaps not 100% right. But he’s certainly right in being sceptic.