Notes: Chapter 4

Notes: Chapter 4

1. The Hungarian author, playwright, poet, journalist, and translator Frigyes Karinthy was the first proponent of the theory of the “Six Degrees of Separation”.

2. When the WELL came around, the catch-all buzzword was “community”. As Jacob Nielsen said in 1997, “One of the latest buzzwords to agitate the Web is ‘community’. In fact, most Web sites have less sense of community that a New York City subway car”. Mendelson, B. J., Social Media is Bullshit, page 86.

3. What is Web2.0? A brilliant marketing stunt. Please see (in Italian) “Il Web2.0: una brillante operazione di marketing”. Metitieri, Fabio, Il Grande Inganno del Web2.0, pages 19-23.

4. Nobody said it better than Sir Tim Berners-Lee: “I think Web2.0 is, of course, a piece of jargon, nobody even knows what it means. If Web2.0 for you is Blogs and Wikis, then that is people to people. But that was what the Web was supposed to be all along”.

5. Richard Stallman tells The Guardian that Cloud computing is Cloud computing is a trap.

6. The worst ads ever: Now with the advent of new media, “consumer generated content” and “social networking” it seems there is a conscious effort to dumb down the message to the point you would expect it to be painted in day-glo colors on the walls of your local Toys “R” US. Parker, George, The Ubiquitous Persuaders, page 79.

7. What are Social Media? Gary Vaynerchuk: “It’s the Internet. It’s the modern word for it. It’s the new word. […] You know what Social Media is? It’s Web2.0. You know what Web2.0 was? It was the Internet”. Mendelson, B. J., Social Media is Bullshit, page 16.

8. How many types of marketing are there? Apparently, there are more than 160 types of Marketing. I won’t list them here or I’ll get banned from Google for keyword stuffing.

9. Please see what Wikipedia has to say about Social Media Marketing.

10. It would make a lot of sense. As does trying to track if all this sharing brings in results for your company. One interesting solution to help you track your share buttons is offered by Lisbon-based Start-up GetSocial.

11. According to Wikipedia, successful Social Media Marketing campaigns include the 2008 US Presidential Election campaign; a 2010 petition to have actress Betty White host Saturday Night Live; a short film called “Kony 2012” released by humanitarian group Invisible Children, Inc.; Nike’s 2012 “Make It Count” campaign and the San Francisco Bat Kid campaign to help a young boy fighting acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Is that it? A cool Presidential candidate that captures the hopes of a nation; an actress; one of the largest advertisers ever with one of the coolest products ever and two heart-touching non-profits. Can someone please explain to me how something like this is supposed to work for those who sell mobile phone plans, margarine and orange juice?

12. “The dogs have it right. Customers want to take a good long whiff. But companies so lobotomized that they can’t speak in a recognizably human voice build sites that smell like death” – David Weinberger.

13. For the so-called “Twitter Revolution” in Iran, please read what Foreign Policy magazine has to say.

14. Dell Says It Has Earned $3 Million From Twitter, says The NY Times. Great. For a company that sells about 60 billion dollars of stuff a year, that is about 0,005%. A major hit. For their PR Department.

15. Oh, but Zappos was a huge success thanks to Social Media, right? Not according to Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, who said: “Our goal is to build personal, emotional connections with people, whether they are customers, employees, or our vendors/business partners. Twitter (for example) just happens to be one way to do it, but so is the telephone. Nobody cites Zappos as a “telephone success story”, so I think it’s a bit strange to cite Zappos as a “social media” success story”. As quoted in Mendelson, B. J., Social Media is Bullshit, page 92.

16. Facebook relaunched Facebook Search in December 2014. Now it’s apparently going to be easier to find that embarrassing post of yours from that night in which you drank a beer or three more than you should have.

17. In the worst-case scenario, this means cheating and creating false users, which is not merely stupid, but actually hurts your brand because Facebook thinks that they are real people who do not respond to your posts.

18. I absolutely love Tom Fishburne’s cartoon on the 7 deadly sins of Social Media Marketing.