Chapter 10 – Make Lemonade

Make Lemonade

What if the Web and Social Media were a lemon not merely for newspapers, record labels or travel agencies, but also for advertising? That’s right: not Interactive Advertising; nor the new frontier of hyper-targeted ads which keep on getting more targeted but fail to really get any better.

What if it were a totally different kind of place where for the first time ever common people got to do as much talking as companies; where the tone of the discussion has changed forever; where knowledgable people speak out their minds and companies are often forced on the defensive.

What if, for reasons which are beyond me, I were to “Like” my favourite brands of toilet paper, soda, hamburgers, butter, breakfast cereal and shaving foam: would it be reasonable to think that I wanted to have “conversations” with these brands? Conversations about what, exactly?

Research indicates that only 15% of the people who “Like” a brand say it’s ok to market to them. Only 0.5% interact. Even for aspirational brands such as Harley-Davidson, Ford Mustang, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Jack Daniels, the interaction is lower that 1%. But many are going to call bullshit on you if you lie or try to make nice on the web to cover up dirty practices. What many promised would be a marketer’s dream looks more like a nightmare for most companies.


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