Chapter 6 – Lies, Damned Lies, and ROI

Lies, Damned Lies, and ROI

I am nothing less than fascinated by how Social Media has caught on with large companies. Small businesses, I get it: managing a Facebook presence is much easier than creating a website. Point taken: if you’re a bakery or a coffee shop, forgo the website, open a Facebook page, speak from your heart, tell your story and give it a try, by all means. But for large companies, it’s different.

Your company has a website, and it should use it. Read the definition from Wikipedia again: the goal should be to create interesting things on your website that people will want to spread. Blog posts, white papers, infographics – anything, even ads, if they’re really good, and not to send people over to Facebook or Twitter where you bore them with content nobody would ever think of sharing.

Not to mention: you are in charge of your website. On the other hand, you don’t own Facebook. That’s their website. They are the ones who can and will change the rules to further their interests, not yours. Social Networks should be a tool to help your customers and your (real) fans share the good news about you to their friends, i.e. potentially to a much larger audience than you will ever be able to reach, and not yet another media outlet where you can do more talking.


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