Edward Albee

Sometimes it’s necessary to go a long distance out of the way, to come back a short distance correctly.

– Edward Albee

Getting ready to relaunch

Yesterday was a great day – thanks to those who helped me out!

I’m getting ready to relaunch. My to-do list for later this morning:

1. add a Twitter button to the blog, and probably get rid of trackbacks.
As I must have written before somewhere, Twitter is the new trackback.

2. check if my Facebook button is ok or if it’s better to switch to the
official one by Facebook. I can’t think of why I should. Can you?

3. decide what to do about comments. Here it gets tricky. Facebook would
be the obvious choice for any blog interested in “getting traffic”, right?
But that’s not us. Plus, they don’t back up comments to my database.
Plus, I already have some comments lost in an xml file by IntenseDebate
I’d actually love to get back. Is there any smart hack to get both those ID
comments and my WordPress comments into either Disqus or LiveFyre?

4. or is there a way to hack Facebook comments and push those comments
to wp? Because, come to think of it… we don’t mind traffic, do we?

5. is Feedburner still the option that sucks the least for RSS feeds?
Can they help me create a feed for a single category, like posts in English?

Do people really use apps?

Do people really use apps? I must have downloaded more than 150 apps. I have yet to un-install over 100 on my Android-powered phone (a Moto G, should you ask). How many do I use every day? Only Firefox (and Gmail, which was pre-installed). How many do I use at least once a week? Facebook, Whatsapp, ColorNote (for note-taking), ilMeteo (weather forecasts), AroundMi (public transport in Milan) and Maps (also pre-installed). The other 100+ apps, I use twice a month at most (if at all). What about you?

Stuck with an old account in Google Drive?

Stuck with an old account in Google Drive? Google Drive keeps on telling you that you should log-in with a different account from the one you’d like to log-in with — perhaps with an old work email address you no longer have access to?

If you’re on a Mac, this should be pretty simple to solve :)

Exit the Drive app.

Uninstall it.

Open a Finder window.

Press Command + Shift + G: a panel will ask you to enter a directory location.

Type: ~/Library/Application Support/Google

Delete the Drive folder.

Re-install the Drive app.

Open it. Log-in. Done.

Android: was it worth it?

Android: was it worth it? Was it worth it for Google to launch a mobile OS? I know, it was Larry’s “newco”. But is Android making money for the company? Are people performing as many searches on their mobile devices as was predicted? Or is the mobile world ever increasingly dominated by apps which, just like Facebook itself, are sealed off from the open web dominated by Google?

I also find it quite funny that three of the most downloaded apps, i.e. Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram, are owned by Facebook. What is Google getting out of it all? Ads, you say? Enough of them? Who is making more money out of the most promising type of mobile ads, i.e. App cost-per-install ads, which are, one should note, ads that move people into yet another walled garden? Facebook or Google?