And you thought Twitter was dumb

And you thought Twitter was dumb. I certainly did. And still do.

Then came Yo. Even better than Flutter. And why is Yo important?

Because they can interrupt us whenever we’re doing anything else on our phones…

Oh, neat. And what do I get out of it?

This WSJ article says that An App Like Yo Could Turn Out to Be Bigger Than Twitter. Which is a company that may lose less than half a billion dollars in 2014. Or maybe not. They lost $ 145 million in Q2. It was an incredible success. You don’t get it? Neither do I.

Seriously: either this turns out to be an Internet of Things play, i.e. another private and proprietary messaging format that we don’t need — we already have email, rss, and sms — that your server will use to tell you it’s down, or the air conditioner to tell you it’s not working, or your fridge to tell you you’ve run out of ketchup, or it’s a joke.

Less is more?

Less is more is so wrong. Less is less, not more. The point is that less is better.

Lightspeed vs Chrome

I moved to DDG one year ago, and I couldn’t be happier (I still use Google for about 10% of my searches). But I can’t live without Gmail, and I have an Android-powered phone. Lately I dropped Chrome on my mobile and I have been using Firefox. I totally agree with this post: we must ditch Chrome now, or we won’t be offered the chance again.

Lightspeed vs Chrome? It could happen. If Mozilla can really build (and sustain) Lightspeed, which to me looks a bit like a cross-over of Firefox and DuckDuckGo, ditch Chrome we will!


I hate “professionalism”. I know, it’s a requirement for many jobs. But I’d feel uneasy and unwelcome in such jobs and companies, so I might as well say: Just fuck it.

Professionalism is about average people posing as if they were smart. Professionalism is to the corporate world what political correctness is to politics. That is to say, bullshit.

The idea of “best practices” is no better. If everybody is doing something, how can it be the “best” thing to do? Average at best. More probably, mediocre, dumb and boring.

I guess this is one of the reasons I decided to update my Linkedin profile…

Mailchimp vs Facebook

There’s a battle brewing: Mailchimp vs Facebook. Why in the world did Mailchimp launch a social comments plugin for WordPress? Do you remember when Google started blocking pop-up ads with their Toolbar, ten or more years ago? Do you really think they were just being nice, you know, the don’t-do-evil kind of bullshit? Think again. They were also killing the only significant direct-response alternative to Adwords. In a similar vein, I think Mailchimp is trying to make it easier for bloggers and companies alike to have and display social interactions directly from their own blogs instead of doing the stupid thing many companies are doing, i.e. moving their presence or at least their “social” presence to this nice, new and shining AOL-style walled garden we call Facebook. Keep your users on your web property and send them emails for cheap instead of paying every time you want to contact them on Facebook. Smart move indeed, and thanks for the plugin.

Best Quarter Ever

I’m not sure if Q2 was really Twitter’s best quarter ever, but the press and the investors alike were ecstatic. And what’s not to love? The company lost “only $145 million”, and so it is not totally unconceivable that they will close the year losing less than half a billion!

They should have sold this dead dog to Bing instead of dumping it on the market.