Android for your mom

Want to de-clutter your life, or simplify Android for your mom?

Here is Olauncher.

I’m on /e/. If you’re still stuck with regular Android, click here.

Decide how may apps — 0 to 8 — you want on your homepage, and you’re done.

Notes for Tanuj

Thanks, Tanuj, for Olauncher, I really like it!

I did, however, spot three small problems, or things I would improve on:

1- When I scroll up and then tap on the dash at the top, the keyboard pops up.
I think it would be great if it went away with a second tap on the dash.

2- If I hide every app except one, when I scroll up it does not show me
the only app left, but opens it straight away, which is a bit weird.
And if I wanted to hide that last remaining app, I can’t do it;
I am forced me to add another app before I can hide the last app.

3- If I hide all the apps, so that I can’t scroll up anymore,
I can’t rename any of the apps I have on the home screen anymore.

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