Crescita infinita

Come faranno gli attention merchants a garantirsi una crescita infinita?

Quante ore puoi passare a guardare foto di tette su Instagram?

Tante, ma non un numero infinito.

Quindi quel duro lavoro lo deve fare qualcun altro. I bot.

Even the VCs (Venture Capitalists) have every incentive to keep this going because the whole concept of hyper scaling, there’s not enough humans to spend time online to continue to hyper scale. So, the only way you’re going to get hyper scaling is by using artificial means, bots.

So, in that case, the VCs don’t want this to stop because they need a way to cash out. Everybody wants this to continue. But we have built ourselves a glass house and the only way this is going to get solved is when we have a crash like we did in 2000.

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