15 Questions About Social Media

Here are 15 Questions About Social Media nobody ever dares to ask.

(And some good links in the notes, too)

The 15 Questions:

1. What Are Social Networks?
2. What Are Social Media?
3. What Is Social Media Marketing?
4. Are Companies Doing It Right?
5. Why Are Companies Sending People Over to Social Media?
6. Does It Make Sense?
7. Do People Really Want to Engage with Brands?
8. Do Companies Really Want to Engage with Their Customers?
9. Are Social Media Useful for Customer Service?
10. What Is the Value of a Facebook “Like”?
11. What Does “Earned Media” Mean?
12. What Is “Organic Reach”?
13. Is the Free Lunch Over?
14. What Happens Now?
15. What Is the Dumbest Social Media Stunt Ever?

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