A new web ads business that works

Not sure that creating a new web ads business that works is something that can be done, but there’s little doubt that Don Marti is right:

The same content can bring in an order of magnitude more ad revenue in print than online. In any other technology business, failing to keep up with 19th-century technology would be cause to reinvent things from the ground up. It’s time to apply the same standard to web ads, and not just protect the existing web ad business from ad blocking, but make a new web ad business that works.

The problem is: who is going to reinvent things from the ground up? Publishers don’t have a clue about how to do it. And the AdTech industry has no good reason to reinvent anything, because things are working just fine for them.

I wrote a short – and free! – Ebook about Online Advertising in which I asked…

Does Online Advertising work? The right question to ask would be: for whom does Online Advertising work? Does it work for Publishers? Does it work for Advertisers? Or does it just work for the Middlemen based in Silicon Valley?

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