Do people really use apps?

Do people really use apps? I must have downloaded more than 150 apps. I have yet to un-install over 100 on my Android-powered phone (a Moto G, should you ask). How many do I use every day? Only Firefox (and Gmail, which was pre-installed). How many do I use at least once a week? Facebook, Whatsapp, ColorNote (for note-taking), ilMeteo (weather forecasts), AroundMi (public transport in Milan) and Maps (also pre-installed). The other 100+ apps, I use twice a month at most (if at all). What about you?

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  1. gm 29 July, 2014 / 15:45


    gaming (not for me…for my children…)

  2. Massimo 29 July, 2014 / 17:07

    It's a winner-takes-all market. No doubt.

  3. Massimo 29 July, 2014 / 17:21

    And yes, Leo: apps are raping the web and creating a tv-like ecosystem.

    And the funny thing is that the champions of the open web – or at least the company making the most money out of the open web, i.e. Google – is pushing hard on Android, and pushing people to download apps and into all these separated environments. In the medium term, it would be probably better for them, not to mention for the web, to kill off Android and push Firefox OS instead.

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