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29 July 2014 -- 0 comments

Do people really use apps?

I must have downloaded more than 150 apps. I have yet to un-install over 100 on my Android-powered phone (a Moto G, should you ask). How many do I use every day? Only Firefox (and Gmail, which was pre-installed). How many do I use at least once a week? Facebook, Whatsapp, ColorNote (for note-taking), ilMeteo (weather forecasts), AroundMi (public transport in Milan) and Maps (also pre-installed). The other 100+ apps, I use twice a month at most (if at all). What about you?

28 July 2014 -- 5 comments

Stuck with an old account in Google Drive?

Google Drive keeps on telling you that you should log-in with a different account from the one you’d like to log-in with — perhaps with an old work email address you no longer have access to?

If you’re on a Mac, this should be pretty simple to solve :)

Exit the Drive app.

Uninstall it.

Open a Finder window.

Press Command + Shift + G: a panel will ask you to enter a directory location.

Type: ~/Library/Application Support/Google

Delete the Drive folder.

Re-install the Drive app.

Open it. Log-in. Done.

22 July 2014 -- 0 comments

Android: was it worth it?

Was it worth it for Google to launch a mobile OS? I know, it was Larry’s “newco”. But is Android making money for the company? Are people performing as many searches on their mobile devices as was predicted? Or is the mobile world ever increasingly dominated by apps which, just like Facebook itself, are sealed off from the open web dominated by Google?

Quite funny, too, that three of the most downloaded apps, i.e. Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram, are owned by Facebook. What is Google getting out of it all? Ads, you say? Enough of them? Who is making more money out of the most promising type of mobile ads, i.e. App install ads, or ads that move people into yet another walled garden? Facebook or Google?

21 July 2014 -- 1 comment

Rich and poor countries

A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars.
It’s where the rich use public transportation.”

— Enrique Peñalosa, Ex-Mayor of Bogotá

A quick check: which large European cities have seen more downloads of their official public transport app on the iPhone than on Android? Only Berlin, Amsterdam and Vienna. Whatever the reason – it is possible, of course, that the iPhone app was launched much later than the Android app – many other cities don’t fare too well: in Milan we have almost twice as many downloads on Android; in Barcelona, twice as many; in Paris and Rome almost 7 times as many; in Dublin, 25 times as many.

7 July 2014 -- 0 comments

Startup culture for all

Free coffee, casual Fridays gone too far and ping-pong for your old stuffy company. Oh, yeah!

26 June 2014 -- 0 comments

How surprising

Holy shit! Aren’t you surprised? People who are wasting time on a “social network” devoted to bad jokes, funny pics and pics of their friends’ kids or cats don’t want to “interact” with the (uninteresting) “content” that companies pay big bucks to try to shove down their throats. Shocking, isn’t it?

16 June 2014 -- 0 comments

Clueless Ikea

How clueless can a smart company be? We’re just about to find out. Apparently, Ikea sent a (relatively civil and mild) Cease and Desist letter to Jules, the person who’s been running IKEAhackers for the past 8 years. As a result of this, Jules will have to either take away all the ads from the website, which she can’t do because the website is now her full-time job, or move it to a new domain name.

What should Ikea have done? The easy thing to do: chill out, don’t make a fuss about nothing, ask her to take away ads to competing companies and add affiliate links to Ikea.com instead and give her a very generous cut on sales. Also, send free IKEA furniture her way to have fun with :)

The gutsier one: quietly buy out Jules’ website for a few million Euros, and then hire her to a six-digit salary so she can keep doing full-time what she obviously loves doing and is so good at.

Update: Apparently, they have decided to wise up. Good.

15 June 2014 -- 0 comments

Innovation. Real innovation.

It should be clear by now: Elon Musk is the entrepreneur of the decade. He’s not building a better way to squeeze money out of banner ads, which is a perfectly ok thing to do, or a new walled garden to rent spare rooms or hail a cab. Elon Musk is trying to change the world. I wish he were working on bicycles or electric bicycles instead of focusing on electric cars, but that’s a different matter.

Yesterday, there was a wall of Tesla patents in the lobby of our Palo Alto headquarters. That is no longer the case. They have been removed, in the spirit of the open source movement, for the advancement of electric vehicle technology.

Read All Our Patent Are Belong To You.

13 June 2014 -- 0 comments

The sharing economy

I love how people love to talk about the so-called “sharing economy”. Like renting out that extra room for money. On the other hand, at home on average I can detect 15 protected wifi connections.

9 June 2014 -- 2 comments