Will Publicis buy Criteo?

If you asked me: Will Publicis buy Criteo? I’d answer: how am I supposed to know? What I can tell you, however, is that it’s a deal that would make sense. Certainly a lot more sense than the delusional idea that Publicis could “merge” as an equal partner with a much larger American company like Omnicom which, of course, just wanted to gobble them up.

Not to mention: Criteo could bring Publicis what they were apparently after, i.e. the number-crunching power they need if they want to stand a chance in the new digital advertising landscape — something that Omnicom never had, to my knowledge.

In this regard, few deals if any at all ever seemed as dumb as Omnicom-Publicis to me.

Five Little Piigs

The financial community has been giving us this bullshit about the Five Little Piigs countries for years. However, they have never attempted, to my knowledge, an analysis of what these five countries supposedly have in common. Precious little, imho. Let’s take a closer look.

Portugal is well-known for having been for a long time running the European country with the highest number of PhDs in government. It ranks decently in terms of corruption and very well in terms of freedom of the press — higher than France and the UK, and just behind Germany. Portugal is not a very rich country, but they never tried to make things up. They had some luck in the ’90s with companies relocating there, only to be undercut by places in Eastern Europe like Slovakia. I hope they will be able to cash in on Brazil’s new status as an economic powerhouse. I wish them well, and hate those who scorn them.

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Those were the days

We wore the blue suits, white shirts with button-down collars, striped ties, fedoras and wingtip shoes. The customers felt they could count on us.

- Former CEO John F. Akers on the good ol’ days at IBM.

Ads. What else?

Ads. What else? Build a large enough mousetrap, and then splatter ads all over it. Whatever the mousetrap, ads are the only way to monetize. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram. And very soon SoundCloud as well.

Do you ever wonder what this tells us about our culture and our societies?

iPad vs Chromebook in school

iPad vs Chromebook in school. Shocking: the Chromebook might be better. Students and teachers alike find out that a Chromebook is more useful than an iPad.

Students saw the iPad as a “fun” gaming environment, while the Chromebook was perceived as a place to “get to work.” And as much as students liked to annotate and read on the iPad, the Chromebook’s keyboard was a greater perk.

I don’t own one and never will, so I probably shouldn’t write about the iPad.

But I’m not exactly shocked. Imho the iPad was one of the great swindles of the first half of the current decade, along with “social media marketing”, of course.

And you thought Twitter was dumb

And you thought Twitter was dumb. I certainly did. And still do.

Then came Yo. Even better than Flutter. And why is Yo important?

Because they can interrupt us whenever we’re doing anything else on our phones…

Oh, neat. And what do I get out of it?

This WSJ article says that An App Like Yo Could Turn Out to Be Bigger Than Twitter. Which is a company that may lose less than half a billion dollars in 2014. Or maybe not. They lost $ 145 million in Q2. It was an incredible success. You don’t get it? Neither do I.

Seriously: either this turns out to be an Internet of Things play, i.e. another private and proprietary messaging format that we don’t need — we already have email, rss, and sms — that your server will use to tell you it’s down, or the air conditioner to tell you it’s not working, or your fridge to tell you you’ve run out of ketchup, or it’s a joke.